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Smart Grid (benifit of BPL)

For the las four and a half years I have been on the board (and very active with) an amazing company called Current Technology Group. We use the same distribution system that brings electricity into your home to provided broadband services. Recently we entered into a business relationship with TXU (a major power utility) to provided services that will reach 1.8 million homes.  We also use HomePlug to distribute broadband within a home.  This means that every power plug in every home in the
Dallas areas can have broadband access to the internet at speeds that are acutely higher than cable or DSL.  But over the last four years we learned that even more importantly, our technology and that of others we are working with, can transform the dumb analog power grid into what is now being called SmartGrid.  SmartGrid can have major benefits in reducing power and thereby greenhouse gasses. There is an explanation of this on the Current web site (SmartGrid).  Read this link at the New York Times by James Rogers, the CEO of Duke Energy (a major power utility company).  I am very excited about our ability to help deal with the issues of climate change. And I love broadband.  So what can be better?


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