Some thoughts about the last third

First of all I am not really retired although I like to tell people I am. I probably work 2-3 days a weeks which is a bout a 1/3 of the time I use to work (those nine days weeks were a bitch). I wish there was a better word the semi retired.
I “retired” because I wanted time for other things like travel for pleasure, piano, enjoying my family and various projects that would require significant commitment of time. But I still love technology (my first true love) and business creation.
But I often joke that “retirement is when you no longer enjoy doing the things you are good at doing and you are no good at doing the things you enjoy”. God I hope that is not true. Also, in my semi unstructured life, I can find myself waking up with nothing to do but only getting half of it done.
But seriously, we have a unique challenge. Many of us will find ourselves hopefully healthy in body and mind for as much as thirty years after we leave the normal work world. It is an amazing opportunity to experience things and make contributions. And how funny that this group of people will be made up in large part by the “60s” generation. I think we are getting a new chance.

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