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The notebook computer is the new RV

My wife and I travel about three months a year.  We are members of Exclusive Resorts which is company controlled by Steve Case former CEO of AOL.  My main reason for joining was to sunny places to go to in the winter where I could be assured of comfort and connectivity.   There are added benefits such as apartments New York, London and
Paris.  But when you travel this much to resorts you can not really just be on vacation so my wife and I try to maintain most of the activities that we would do if we were home. 

One thought on “The notebook computer is the new RV

  1. Sounds expensive.

    My wife and I hope to travel a bunch in the future. Probably in a real RV and staying in really CHEAP spots. In fact, we’d like to make a go of it full time…12 months out of the year.

    Exclusive Resorts does look great, though.


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