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The End of Time and Space

Towards the end of 2005, I did an interview with Fast Company Magazine on the most important business idea for the next ten years. It was the tenth anniversary of that magazine. They asked ten people they had interviewed over the last ten years that question (presumably because they liked what we said in the passed. My best interview with them in my opinion was done soon after I left Intel in 1999. You can read that one here. I had a forty minute phone interview with a delightful Fastcompany staff member. The interview lasted 40 minutes. And you can see here that it turned itself into less than a page ( fastcompany-interview-2006.pdf ). I thought there were a few other things of value in the interview and asked Fastcompany for a copy of the raw interview which had been recorded and permission to put it up on my blog which they gave me. So you can listen to the whole thing here. There first five minutes is pretty much small talk but the rest may be worth your while if you are interested in the basic concept. All ten interviews can be read here.

One thought on “The End of Time and Space

  1. Dear Sir, (Mr. Avram Miller)
    This was really a fascinating eye opener in today’s commercial arena. Really, I got your reference from the book ‘E leader’ by Mr. Robert Hardgrove.
    I just tried to search for you. And I read one of the most ‘down-to-earth’ article of yours.
    I mostly find the outlook very appropriate and extremely realistic.
    You mentioned about ‘Brain Productivity’ in some place. I know what you meant. Why I know, because I agree with it.
    I just wanted to reframe as ‘Intelligence’. These are programs that process the data in our brain.
    We need both. ‘Data’ as well as programs’.
    Now both these are structured and are available. Only we need to know that they are available and know how to retrieve those. Secondly, how do we process these data or information. Here lies our intelligence.
    This is highly dynamic, market driven, individuals creative abilities.
    So what matters is Creative Intelligence. Marketing is driven.
    Ability is to be creative and not repeatative.
    Last but not the least any idea is creative in one perspective and not so in many others.
    That perspective selection is ‘thinking’.


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