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The browser is the DOS of the Internet

Can it be true?  Are the days of the browser numbered (I hope so).  See the announcement by Adobe of Apollo.  For me the browser is the DOS of the internet.  It served a purpose but that purpose going away.  There is no reason to have great web 2.0 applications sitting on top of an oil slick (sorry Marc Andreessen).  For sometime I have been thinking of Flash as the “microprocessor” of the Internet without the tax that Intel was able to extract be copy (although how am I to complain about that actually).  Lets see what Adobe can do with Apollo.

4 thoughts on “The browser is the DOS of the Internet

  1. I don’t want to run an unknown app on my desktop. I want the serverside to run java and php for me and send me xhtml and css. It’s cleaner, and less chance of maliscious code. Javascript is bad enough, but allowing binaries to run on your pc. Adobe is a hasbeen. Their most recent Acrobat crashed my PC, literally makes it freeze every 5 minutes, and now this? They’re living in the past. XHTML is the future, not a shined up version of Java Applets.


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