Books I recommend

The Accidental Mind by David J. Linden

This book demonstrates that evolution never looks back especially when it comes to brain development.  When I learned how are brain  is actually structured and functions I could only think of cities like Mumbai and Los Angeles (they are really well designed in comparison to our brains).  Our brain is not a single brain but a lot of brains that evolved in the past tracing our evolutionary path from a worm, to a reptile, to a rodent, monkey etc.  Every step left something behind but that something is still working.  Not only is the brain a pile of old and semi functional parts but even the basic ingredients do not work that well.  Neurons often do not fire when they are suppose to for instance.  We even have more than one part of our brain that sees.  The old part will see a ball being thrown and let us catch it even if the cerebral cortex has been destroyed and we are blind. 

What this book really thought me that even poorly organized structures and achieve amazing things so maybe their is hope yet for our government.

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