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Bottled Water: A Trumph of Marketing

It is  time to tap your tap ( Tap your Tap).  My wife and I are trying to get off of bottled water which as you must know cost about three times as much as gas, is terrible for the environment and does nothing special for our bodies that tap water can not do (and maybe better).  In our place in Sonoma, we are doing are best to grow fruits and vegetables for our own consumptions. We do our best to buy local produce and do what we can to reduce our carbon foot print.  But we seemed to be hooked on Fiji Water (which is actually brought from guess where?).  To make matters worse, we have a wonderful well system up here and the tap provides natural spring water which we have had tested (it is perfect).  Anyway, we are trying out best to get off the bottled stuff (we still carry bottles around) which we try to fill from the tap (you would think this would be easy since there are taps everywhere in the house and even outside).  My wife even bought me a special bottle that has an electronic measuring device that keeps track of how much I drink. She thought that just the opportunity to carry around another microprocessor and a battery would be enough to get me off of Fiji Water.


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