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Fourty four years ago, I went to jail for the first time

Forty four years ago I went to jail for the first time.  I was arrested at the Palace  Hotel in San Francisco as part of a Civil Rights demonstration.  It is funny to think that the last time I was at the Palace Hotel it was for a Web 2.0 conference.   I doubt that many at that conference were even born before that day.  We were practicing non violent demonstrations then.  We lay in the street before the Palace Hotel. You can read about that at and even see a video at. They picked us up and threw us into a police van.  Then they booked us.  When the police asked me if I had an scars, I said yes (I have a major scar running up my back that looks like I lost in a sword fight).  I told them I had a lung operation.  They asked if anything had been removed and I said both lungs which they wrote down.  It was a demanding time.  I had to choose between anti war activates and civil rights.  I tried to spend my time equally.  The anti war stuff was more demanding and the music was not as good.  And believe me it was not as it is now, where most people know  that our government is lying to us. But watching the Jenna Six stuff reminded me of this time forty four years ago and it made me sad.

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