About life in the last third

You know you are old when you are older than your parents

A few days ago, I installed the latest version of Family Tree Maker.  Those of you that visit my blog frequently (are there any of you?), know that I have been working on my family history for the last few years.  Well the new software has a new interface which I was exploring.  It showed a family tree and when you clicked on an individual you would see some details like the current age.  I clicked on myself (what a surprise) and saw that I was 62 years old.  Then I clicked on my mother and saw that she was 66 years old.  Yes, that was her age when she died sadly.  Well I realized there was only four years difference between us.  My mom had me (in case the math is difficult for you) when she had just turned 18 (that is how they did it back then).  So in just four years, I will be the same age and from that time on, I will always be older than my mother ever was.  It really made me think. How does one think of their mother if she died when she was let’s say 30 and you were ten.  And now you are 60.  How do you think of your mother when she is half your age and never a day older than that.  My father is 84.  I think he has at least ten years in him so by the time I will be older than my dad (if that even happens), I will probably not be that interested in this discussion.

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