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Barack is the real thing

Barack speaks at the Getty homeTonight, my wife and I had the privilege of attending a small reception for Barack Obama at the home of Ann and Gordon Getty.  All I can say, is he is more impressive and more fun in person than on TV.  They closed off the street in front of the Getty’s home which is on Broadway and Lyon in San Francisco .  We were just going in when he showed up right on time along with about 20 secret service people etc . He jumped out of the car with a huge grin on his face and said “Hi guys!  I’ll see you inside”.    About fifteen minutes later he came into this rather large room (the Getty’s are good people but they live like they are the Medici Family so think of this as being more a palace than a house”.  He joked about the place not being up to his standards.  Then he began to give his stump speech.  The crowed was in rapture not because they were hearing some God speak but because they were hearing a real human being speak.  Here are the things that had an impact on me:


1)       The urgency of the moment

2)      His belief in all of us. In the intelligence and values of the American people

3)      That there are no real differences in policy between him and Hillary but there is a very different view about how to achieve these policies

a.       Transparency

b.      Involvement of all parties

c.       Not being influenced by lobbyists

4)      He treated Hillary with great and I think sincere respect

a.       He thinks that the press makes people think there are great issues than there are.

b.      He said that after the convention he and Hillary will be standing together

c.       She is an amazing and strong competitor.

5)      How he will keep in touch

a.       He now has small dinners with small donors that are selected randomly.  He will continue to reach out and have direct contact with normal citizens when he is president

b.      He will also make sure his cabinet does the same

6)      He believes in us which is even more important than us believing him

7)      He is very smart but also very intuitive

8)      When someone asks a question he is thoughtful and then answers them and looks at them when he replies.  He is in a conversation and does not see the question as just a platform.

9)      He really believes in young people and thinks that he can make politics “cool” just like in the days of Kennedy.  He pointed out that young people are comfortable with being more open (al la Facebook).

10)  He loves to be with people.

11)  He likes himself.  He is comfortable being himself. 

12)  He is a man that did not really have a father but want to be a father and a brother to all of us.





4 thoughts on “Barack is the real thing

  1. While I agree with all you noted, Avram, I found Barack’s questionning of General Petraeus in front of the Senate Committee to be only an appearance on the issue, not an addition to critical thinking on our situation in Iraq.

    Give me some reassurances please.

    While neither McCain’s nor Clinton’s questioning was of any import either, I was hoping Obama would shine in this opportunity on foreign policy.

    I am concerned about his lack of clarity and experience in world and military affairs. The only strong position he has expressed was that it was a blunder to go into Iraq. Agreed! That alone however will not make for an effective Presidency of the US, as a world leader.


  2. Thanks for you comment. I am not sure I can give you reassurances but frankly, what could really be expected in this situation? Do you think Barack or anyone could have asked a quesiton that would have real impact on what is going on now. What we need is a new leader and a democratic supper majority in congress.
    I think he will listen to the millitary when it is time to pull out. I mean who knows what these people believe anyway. I don’t think that the situation in Iraq is a classic milliatry problem anyway.
    But the bottom line is we do not know how well Barack will do. We do know what McCain will do (stay). I think Hillary will also pull out our troops but I think she has proven herself to be a poor and untrustworthy manager. I am voting for a chance at honest leadership. I hope you do too.


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