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I am not bionic (yet) but I am slowly falling apart

I am slowly falling apart.  As you can see from the sub title of this blog, I am 63 years old.  I am not even a boomer.  They started being born about nine months after me.  I am an actual WWII baby (that is world war two for those of you so young that you think WWII is some kind of abbreviation for texting).  While,  I think of myself as being 36 and not 63, my body is telling me I am wrong.  I am starting to get arthritis.  I have a bulged disk (L4-L5) and now a problem with my right thumb that is really scaring me (remember I play piano).  I work out about 10 hours a week) and try to look like a buff version of Einstein (I am doing better with the Einstein part then the buff part).   I have not yet had to have  any body parts replaced like some of my friends ( a knee here, a hip there), although I do have a piece of high tech plastic under my belly button, but surely this will happen eventually.  So l think I will wear out slowly and may be a member of the  last generation that will have these problems.  Right behind me is the wave of the baby boomers with massive resources and eventually a massive need.  I bet through a combination of genetic engineering, nano technology, and other medical “advances”, this generation will be able to go at least 75 years before they creak in the morning.

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