About life in the last third

Life is a limited time offer. Use yours while it is still available

I have started to write music again.  The last time, I composed was about twenty years ago.  Then like  now, I used a computer to help me although the technology has advanced so much during that time, it is hard to compare.  I stop writing because it took more of a kind of concentration that I found difficult having a young family and a demanding job. So when I stopped, I made a promise to myself that someday when my life situation changed and I could put in the time and energy to compose, I would.  For many years, I have been thinking of that promise and what my responsibilities are today to the person I was then.    I guess that promise was not enough to get me back to writing or maybe it was the fear that even without the demands of a busy life, I still would not find the will and the talent.   Now I have started maybe out of fear that the time is now.  The time  to explore the internal side of myself; to do things that do not involve effecting the actions of other either through power or influence.  When I was a  child, I was very ill with childhood asthma.  At one time I was put into a covalence home for about a year.  I was pretty much along most of the time and just seven years old.  But I was not bored.  I went into my own mind and created worlds there. In many ways it was an awesome experience.  I guess people that meditate have such experiences. I am not sure. I do not meditate.  Our minds are like the earth where all the action that we observe happen on the surface.  When I write music or just improvise I get to go below the surface. It is sweet. You can listen to a bit of it here.

One thought on “Life is a limited time offer. Use yours while it is still available

  1. Avram – I love it. I don’t know you as this musical guy – but every time you share i feel a little more connected. you don’t know me as a musical guy either, but i have begun writing again as well (as a youngster i wrote a lot of chamber music – string quartets mostly) – but man it’s nice to be writing again. i enjoy it. it’s one of the only things that keeps me ‘present’.

    Thanks for sharing!


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