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Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I feel like I have neglected you to hang out on Facebook and even sneak off with Twitter.  I am so busy these days communicating about what I am doing, thinking, eating, watching etc that I really have little time for a deeper relationship like ours.  Oh, blog.  You were my first love (if you forget my youthful romance with bulletin boards, chat, and texting).  Well, in any case you were my only serious commitment but that was before I met Facebook. You see, on Facebook people actually communicate back to me but almost no one ever posts on you my dear blog.  I do hear from friends sometimes that they enjoy reading you and I do check the stats from time to time. For instance there have been almost 10,000 views.   But there have only been 69 comments on my 100 posts.

This year is almost over.  What a complicated year it was.  It has been a pretty great year for me personally (if you don’t count losing more money in the market than I use to imagine I would ever have).  We traveled to the Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Italy, London, Hawaii, Thailand, Bhutan (the best ever), Cambodia, New York, Chicago, LA and probably other places I cannot remember right now.  Sadly, I lost my piano teacher but have a new one that seems really great.  I moved from the PC to the MAC (still getting use to the change).  Discovering the iPhone and what it represents (a new media platform) was pretty amazing. My grandsons are now all able to communicate effectively and I can begin to see their personalities.  But this has been such a difficult year for so many it is hard to be happy. The economic melt down is hurting many people in ways that are really awful.  It is clear now that our government has failed us.  But we have a new chance with Barack (maybe a last chance) to deal with the real issues that face the world.  We must all work for his success.  This is a time when we need a leader not just a manager (and especially a failed manger like Bush).

So dear blog, I want to wish you and yours a wonderful 2009.  I hope to be back more often to visit with you.


3 thoughts on “Dear Blog

  1. Fine, fine, you ניג’ס, I will comment, don’t beg. You don’t know me, I ran into your details in some obscure blog post by Cringely, and am reading all your posts ever since. I like the way you write, and seeing you where you are at sixty-something, me being a young (?) programmer of thirty-less, well, it gives me hope, ok? So keep writing. I don’t do Facebook.


  2. We’re all distracted by Twitter, and actually learning a lot by being in direct contact with our friends on a day-to-day basis, which no blog can support! Don’t worry.

    Also, you can add your Tweets into your sidebar (or your Facebook feed for that matter) so those who read the blog can participate! Try that.

    Sounds like it is a good feeling to be a world-citizen, Avram!


  3. This is so true. I feel this way sometimes, and I “try” to maintain a real journal too. You know, on paper. That one gets neglected even more mainly because my hands are no longer as strong as they used to be and writing long paragraphs makes me sore. But my fingertips can type like a mad man for hours on end!


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