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My plan for peace in the middle east: Make Jordan a sucess

It is simple: Make Jordan a great success. Arab’s need a role model of success. While Israel’s economic, scientific and cultural successes should demonstrate what is possible in the region, it in fact does the opposite. So it is simple. Let us all help make Jordan a great success. I have just provided some support to permaculture work in Jordan and in Palestine. I plan to do more. The developed world should join together to build up all aspects of Jordon’s economy from agriculture, industry, education, health etc. I think these will not only have the strategic benefit of demonstrating to Arabs what can be done by Arabs on Arab land and instill a significant measure of pride but it should have a major impact on the Palestinians living next door and also provided work for them in Jordan. The more successful Jordan is economically, the more they will become interested in the success of Palestine and the more they will be able to partner with Israel. My dream is that someday, Israel, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon will form an economic union.  How powerful would that be!

One thought on “My plan for peace in the middle east: Make Jordan a sucess

  1. Seems like a very good way to help develop the region instead of feeding its hostilities. Steps toward this end are needed. Considering that a lot of economic assistance would be needed, U.S. governmental backing would seem to be essential. How can this can be achieved in today’s political and economic climate?


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