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Senior Senior

I am about to turn 65 (Jan. 27th).  I plan to be on the beach in Rio that day.  But it is also the day I become eligible for Medicare.  A year after, I start collecting social security.  And then what?  As I have discussed before, what is there to look forward to after that.  You now get all the perks of being a senior citizen which includes discounts (and getting carded again).  And finally I have discovered it. It is having cataract surgery.  I just spoke to an old friend that I found on Facebook.  She is 89 years old and sounds like she is forty.  She told me that she is still able to drive, take yoga and do pretty much anything she wants to do.  And then she told me the good news.  She had Cataract Surgery and now her eye sight is 20/20. I have been wearing glasses since I was eight years old and the idea of not having to wear them is very exciting to me especially when I think of being out on the beach in Rio.

One thought on “Senior Senior

  1. Wow….I’m now 66 and have found an interesting factoid of myself….I can jump as high as I ever could, but I just can’t stay up as long….

    I hope your doing well and it’s good to remember our early days….take care



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