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Rob Glaser steps down: The end of an era

Rob Glaser steps down. I have known Rob since in 1992 when we was leading Microsoft’s multimedia business and I was VP of business development at Intel and tasked amongst other things with working with Microsoft and Rob to develop a number of consumer initiatives.  One of these was the interactive set top box which still has not really happened but that project ultimately lead to the the development of the cable modem albeit without Microsoft participation.  I was sorry when Microsoft removed Rob from his position but it ended up being a great thing for Rob who ended up leaving Microsoft and starting Real Networks.  I found Rob very smart, articulate and driven but not an easy man to work with.  I learned a lot from him in those early days of the Internet.  Rob has also been a carrying and responsible person that has contributed much through charity and political work.

What ever you think of Real Networks (I love using its Rhapsody service myself) and what ever you think of Rob, we owe him much as one of the true pioneers of the Internet.  Rob was one of the few (I count myself in this small list) that in the early 90’s understood the power of the Internet and how it would transform traditional media.   Thanks Rob.

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