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Andy Grove: Only half right

Andy wrote an article about job creation or the lack of said  recently.   I think Andy is totally right that  high tech start ups are not the answer to domestic job creation.  Large scale job creation for high tech can only happen if there is local manufacturing and I do not see that in the world we now live in.  Even software and support services will move abroad if companies are successful although to a smaller degree.  It is natural for companies to seek lower cost and we as consumers benefit from that.   I was shocked that Andy, felt that taxing products that contained outside labor was a good idea.  It is an awful idea in my opinion.  First of all that is a tax on US Citizens in that we would have to pay more for products to that we could support American workers but more importantly it could destroy the world economy (if it is not already destroyed by the foolish actions of various governments).  And we need to see countries like China, India etc develop for a number of reasons.  On the other hand, we should push for fair valuation of Chinese currency, work standards etc.

There are a number of actions our pathetic government (and as always I mean all three branches and both major political parties) could take to increase domestic employment such a major creation of green jobs in both energy creation and most importantly in the short term, energy conservation, the basic problem is that there will not be enough jobs for Americans and we need to build a new model to deal with that.  We were once a farming nation.  Now we have twice as many people in prison than working on farms.  We need to convert our major military industrial complex to creating such things as high speed rail. We need to make our education system work so that we create even more knowledge workers.  There should be two years of nation service young people.    These are just a few ideas.  But most importantly, employment will stay high and we will get use to it.  It is awful of course for those that are unemployed but we will not help them with taxes on imports.

2 thoughts on “Andy Grove: Only half right

  1. Complex. That is the word that comes to mind when discussing human behavior. A few simple sounding tweaks such as the tax Andy proposes will not change behavior. Avram is sadly right that our government is very inept in its making thousands of rules to make thinks better. That is like putting a person in the boxing ring and hitting him/her from all sides to keep him/her standing aright.

    Maybe there is no answer? Simple fear and greed appear to drive us instead of loving kindness. Evolution of our social abilities needs speeding up.


  2. A “back of the envelope” analysis as well as carefully researched analysis of politicized pet solutions such as “green jobs” and “light rail” show they are shams that can’t possibly deliver meaningful numbers of jobs or are money pits – e.g. SiVly VTA.

    Being competitive as a nation is not a thought that intrudes into the mind of any significant politician, in either party. Until some consciousness develops in our culture of what competitiveness means, and the crisis that is coming is upon us, nothing will happen, and maybe not even then. Andy is a better strategist than his proposal (is he being PC? how strange!), he knows that the change required is both deep and broad. Changing culture is hard and slow, especially when the needed direction is not the current direction.


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