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The macro meaning of the Egyptian revolt

The median age of an Egyptian is 24 years old.  While the Egyptian economy has been growing well over 5% a year during recent times it can not keep up with the number of people entering the work force.  In fact none of the developing countries with large youth populations will be able to provide economic opportunity to the their youth who want to find work,marry and have children.  While Mubarak was certainly more interested in staying in power than providing his country with a future, I doubt that any leader of a country like Egypt can be successful.  Eventually there will strife  through out the world between youth and the establishment.  It could even happen in the USA although our average age is greater than 35.
And the young people are armed with cell phones, Facebook and Twitter.  While those in power do not know how to operate a computer and probably have never poured themselves a cup of tea.

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