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Time for a third party?

We are witnessing the end of the roman empire except instead of barbarians we have lobbyists.  Today Nickolas Kristof well written column on the recent federal budget crisis, asked  were are the  adults in congress.  My son, Asher, recently wrote something similar on his blog.

I do not think we can expect adults in congress.  The  time for that is long gone.  But are we not the parents?  When  will we stop pointing fingers at the political system (something I do all the time) and take action.   The people in government, and I include  Obama in this, have as their main priority staying in government.  They stay in government by buying our votes. They get the money to buy our votes from special interest groups.  The group I hate the most is the military industrial complex that  Eisenhower warned us again when I  was just a child.  I hate them because not only do  the drain our economy but because they are also responsible for the death of so many solders and  civilians throughout  the world.  Right after that, we have the health care industry.  And then there is the crazy base of the republican party.  I am sorry but these people are living in the dark ages.  How I wish the rapture would happen and carry these people away.

I am afraid that now that we have let the government be taken over, there are no easy way for the people to get back control.  I am thinking the only thing to do is to create a third party.  And yes, that might mean that the republican will win even more control but frankly that will only speed up the process that is underway and force others to take much needed action.  Hopefully, it might result in giving those that are still sane, a voice.

I was recently asked to go to private fund raising event for Obama in San Francisco.  I went to such an event when he was running and via these method  gave money to his campaign.  This  time, I said no.  I am not going to give him a dime.  What ever money I have to spend on political matters, will be spent in calling out the politicians/children/criminals out.



2 thoughts on “Time for a third party?

  1. The question is… who is this third party? The Greens? The Peace & Freedom Party?

    Ralph Nader has always refused to give into the two party system, but he blew it with many progressives in 2000 when he refused to back Gore, instead calling the two parties indistinguishable. He was right on many levels, but I can’t help but think that Gore’s response to 9/11 would have been different than telling us to go shopping and building a propaganda machine to invade Iraq.

    Progressives are scared that voting for a third party is effectively giving their vote to the Republicans, who they abhor. There was a great article in Salon recently about how the Democratic Party takes full advantage of this, and with good reason. Progressives are pussies, sorry to say.


    Because of that there is no progressive form of populism in this country. There’s a lot of genuine populist rage but there’s only one avenue right now for that… The Tea Party, which plays on fear and is bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers of the world.

    Arianne and I have spoken about the need for a third party too, but a new one. Maybe The American Resilience Party?


  2. When Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate I believe he had an excellent chance of winning because of his down home attitude and his charts and graphs. And, he wasn’t beholden do anyone because he was essentially self financed.

    Unfortunately, he proved to be a whacko with his, among other things, assassination plot and other machinations.


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