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Facebook stop stealing my blog posts

I listened to an interesting interview (aren’t all) on Fresh Air about the war between google, amazon, facebook and apple (notice Microsoft was not even mentioned.  By the author of this article on the same topic in Fastcompany Magazine.  Clearly many companies are fighting to control the user/customer.  When I was at Intel in the days of the Wintel, Microsoft and Intel would promote the concept of open systems.  I use to joke, that open systems was what people did on top of what we sold.  It was easier in those days to understand the food chain. It was vertical.  But now all kinds of companies feed information and in a sense their customers back and forth between them.  You can even use your Facebook ID and Password open your Foursquare account as an example.  But what companies really want is to keep the user on their platform and not let them go to another sight.  So they bring information from other platforms over.

Now this is starting to piss me off.  I am happy that my blog posts show up on my Facebook Profile but I am not happy that Facebook copies over the posts so that my Facebook “Friends” can read the post there and comment there and never go to my actual blog (linkedin and Plaxo also do this).  I want people to come to my blog because once there they may read other posts.  Also WordPress gives me get statistics on how visits and how they go there and which of the links I carefully embed in my blog were actually use.  I get none of this from Facebook.  I get “like” and sometimes a few comments.  I have to figure out how to stop this.


2 thoughts on “Facebook stop stealing my blog posts

  1. Finally figured out how to enter a comment via IPad using the tiny speech bubble in upper right corner after reading in my email and clicking comment to be taken to the page with the to small icon. Now I will comment from the blog going forward. Just not quite intuitive for old eyes. Keep writing Avram, you have a couple books in you.


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