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If I was born in 1995 instead of 1945, would I be a billonaire?

Reading this article in Forbes about Nick D’Aloisio, the 16 year old created of Summly (a new search program for the iPhone and Android phones),  I had to ask myself if I could be a teenage billionaire if I was born in 1995 instead of 40 years earlier in 1945.  After all,  I was only eight years old, I assembled a crystal radio.  When I was this kids age, my friend and I developed a small portable radio transmitter which we used to over power the car radios in cars driven by cute girls so we could flirt with them by broadcasting through there speakers.  I can’t image what I could have done if I had been able to write iPhone apps.  I did not start programing computer until 1966 when I was 21 but there was no way to turn that effort into a business.  But  I certainly had some business skills as a kid.  I managed to make some serious money while a merchant seaman during my 18th year by trading goods and currency between the Philippines, Japan and the USA (I think the term for this career path was smuggler).

I am hoping that the next wave will involve senior citizens becoming billionaires by inventing things or at least one certain senior.


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