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Let the Government do more with less

We seem to have two political positions in our two political parties.  The first by the republicans is “spend less and do less”.  The second by the democrats is “spend more and do more”.  How about “spend less and do more”.  We need the government to do more, especially at this time. There is a role for government to deal with major policy, regulatory, and defense issues.  But the government is inefficient and not business minded.  We need regulation for instance but not mind numbing impossible to understand regulation.  Obama should appoint a committee of successful business people to look at how to increase government efficiency.

Obama says, that we need to hire more public sector employees.  I am ok with that but he also says we need to go into debt to do that.  I am no as ok with that although there is an argument to be made for that at his moment.  But I have an other idea.  How about cutting everyone in government’s salaries back by 10%  (with the exception of congress and the white house where a 20% reduction should be done)  and then hiring 10% more people to work for the government. That would improve government productivity without an increase in government spending.

Romney, wants to lower the tax for the wealthy but only paid about 13%.  How is that possible with the Alternative Minimum Tax? being at 28%? The answer (assuming he is telling the truth about the 13%) is  charitable deductions.  So lets have a minimum tax at 20% with no deductions for those making over a million dollars (top line).

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