Thanks for the views all 50,000 of them

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I  now have  50,000 views of my post on TwoThirds Done, the blog that I started eight years ago, when I turned sixty.  Figuring that it might take two minutes a blog post, it would seem that some seventy days were consumed by readers withthese posts.  I have posted 240 times. I probably takes me on average about three hours to write a post. So I have spent about thirty day in composing the posts.  I obviously need to get my readership up.  I also have 440 subscribers.  These people get a notification when I make a new post. A small number of them seem to actually go to my blog to read the post.   My readership has been trending up which is of course a good thing.
Blogging was actually not really about number of readers.  It was more about learning to express myself in a concise way.    My biggest disappointment is in how few comments I get.  So far, I have only received  461 comments which is about two comments a post.
Anyway, if you are reading this, I thank you.

7 thoughts on “Thanks for the views all 50,000 of them

  1. I look forward to your blogs Avram. Living vicariously through your stories and inside information of technology histories is enlightening and always entertaining.


  2. Not getting a feedback sort of feels like being a voice in the wilderness, eh? You’re 68, and I’m 74 so I kind of know how it feels, me being a columnist. But pls soldier on…and believe that someone in the great somewhere hears every word!


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