Mourning in the Morning: How the liberal press optimism and latent fear resulted in Bibi’s victory

You all have heard about the Israeli Election. Everyone that I know with one exception is depressed about it. We all woke up to a great sadness in Tel Aviv.  Israel like the USA has a very divided electorate. So it does not take more than 5-10% change to swing everything. But here in Israel with so many parties that Arabs have as many votes as the Hispanics in theUSA but they do not vote with any coalition.

I think that there were a few factors that lead to Netanyahu’s victory. One was the press, which is pretty liberal, became too optimistic. This may have lead to those on the right coming out more than they would have otherwise and some on the left not voting. I don’t know that for sure. Also, at the end, Netanyahu’s warnings that that if Herzog became prime minister, the country would make a deal with the Palestinians that could threaten the future of the State of Israel, cause some to hold their nose and vote for a man this despise.
It will be interesting to see how things unfold.

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