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More than you will ever want to know: My 1:34 hour interview on The Internet History Podcast

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The Internet History Podcast is a great site that I fully recommend.  We should all be grateful to Brian McCullough who started the podcast, maintains it, interviews everyone and edits all the episodes.  It is really a labor of love.  Brian realizes that the very nature of the Internet does not result in a very good documentation about its history.  I have been troubled by this so I was delighted to find his site and reach out to Brian.  Brian, by the way, never heard of me before I contacted him which is just an example, in my opinion, of the lack of a comprehensive history of the Internet.

I wish the interview was shorter.  I hope to organize it a bit so one can just go to the sections of interest, such as the discussion around the creation of the cable modem or where I talk about Intel being Microsoft’s bitch (there I go again).

So here it is!  

3 thoughts on “More than you will ever want to know: My 1:34 hour interview on The Internet History Podcast

  1. Cool interview. But was / Is Intel really the “bitch” of Microsoft? Are you aware of the story about the board-level project at HP called “Operation Wooden Stake” about how Intel was essentially a vampire that sucked an enormous share of profits from the PC industry. I am certain Steve Jobs was aware of that story, and made his wise iPhone chip architecture choices. You cannot let the “chip infrastructure” nonsense become a power player. I would bet that Microsoft could not have left Intel because the production ramp would been too high. It might’ve taken 5 years to build up other players (like Apple has done recently, because of the Samsung double-cross. Those MFs). This is Intel’s hold, even today, over the waning PC industry.


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