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My book is in editing

For the last three years, I have been writing a book. It is called, The Flight of a Wild Duck, an improbable journey through life and technology. It is a combination of stories, history and lessons and focused primarily on the period of 1966 to 2002. During this time, I have neglected this blog. Writing a book takes a great deal of effort. I have learned so much in the process including gaining a new perspective on the past.

I decided to self publish rather than work with a traditional publisher because I was concerned that we would not be aligned. My interest is in having impact and not volume of sales. I hired a company called Girl Friday. They provide all the services of a traditional publisher but are paid by the author and do not get a cut of book sales. It has been great to work with them. Currently, I am working with my editor. Editing is a very intense process. We hope to be done with the main effort in about four to six weeks.

The book is more than 400 pages. In addition to the book, I will be creating a website where I will share a series of lessons, essays and references.

To be informed about the publication of my book please click on this link. Please let those you think will be interested in reading my book know and invite them to sign up as well.

I appreciate your support.

8 thoughts on “My book is in editing

  1. Good luck with the final shaping. I hired two freelance editors to help with mine but didn’t make that much progress until my editor from Simon & Schuster arrived and insisted on some changes. That said, if self-publishing had existed twenty years ago like it does today, I would have gone that route and published the book I wanted rather than the one they thought would sell.


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