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Can I be an honorary woman?

No I don’t mean that I want to cross dress although I have to say my calves looked pretty good the one time I tried on my wife’s red patent leather pumps and I do think I might be the original metro sexual.  But this post is about something else. There is a Jewish concept called Tikkum Olom. It means healing or repairing the world.  It is a powerful concept because inherent in it is understanding that this is  our mission as human beings .  Actually the concept can be taken much further when applied to the universe as we know it but I won’t go into quantum mechanics and cosmology here.   During the last several years, I have noticed that it is women that are taking on the role of healers and repairs of the world.  Of course there wonderful and caring men, like my dear friend, Larry Brilliant, head of or even Al Gore  or even my own sons, but more and more I have been seeing women reach other to take action.  A few nights ago, we were invited to a reading by Riane Eisler,  The event was organized by three women.  Riane, talks about the need to move from  “dominator”  societies to “partnership” societies.   And while she did not say it, I thought this about moving from the masculine to the feminine.  It interesting to me that when we talk about the future and the macro changes we can expect, we mostly talk about things such as the continuing impact of technology (for instance, The World is Flat, by Thomas Frieman), the potential of genetic engineering, and  the economic progress of developing countries like India and China as well as issues like Global Warming,  the rise of Islam.  I have not seen much written about the potential of a change from male driven societies to societies lead by women.  But we are starting to see women taking greater and greater roles in the leadership of government and business. The 21st century may be the first century where woman will play the leading role and if that happens, then we can be optimistic about the future of our planet.  I believe that technology can provide the billions of people in this planet with all the basics for survival (food, medicine etc) but only when our business leaders think that it is more important to help others than to buy a bigger jet.  And when our government leaders understand that wining is not someone else loosing. It will not be easy for woman to  assume the leadership role.  Most of women in the world our suffering under the domination of male oriented societies.  So those of us  in the develop world have to lead in freeing them to make their contributions and heal the world.  

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