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Thomas Friedman for President

I read a great op-ed by Tom Friedman (a man I have respected since he first quoted me in The Lexus and the Olive Tree J).  Tom made me realize (again) that many if not all of the great problems before us actually have solutions except maybe one?  How do we get rid of the people that occupy (and I mean occupy) our government.  We are dying of a political cancer.  Our politicians only seem to care about getting elected. They think we are too pety or too stupid to hear the truth or maybe they don’t even know what that word means.  I don’t know if Tom can manage but Tom can think.  Bush can manage. He managed to drag this country into an awful war. He managed to tarnish our image around the world.  He managed to screw up our economy.  He managed to transfer our wealth to our enemies.   I am hoping the Barack is different but frankly I do not know.  He is the only serious candidate for president that I can consider now.  But he needs to speak out and be clear about his solutions to the problems facing this country.  In the mean time can we start a draft Tomas Friedman campaign?  

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