Apple the Singapore of technology

I was once quoted by USA Today  calling Apple the Singapore of Technology.  I like Singapore actually.  It is very clean, very planed and very safe and very controlled.  But I would never want to live there.

As readers of my blog will know  I have been trying to move off of Microsoft to Apple.  I wrote a 12 step program but am stuck on the last step.    And frankly, I am not sure I can ever make it over to the Apple side.

One thing I have come to realize:  The difference between Windows and Mac users are that the Mac users can’t remember when their computer crashes and they have to restart.  I have to restart my Mac as often as I have had to restart my PC.

The Mac takes just as long to start up as a PC but Mac users don’t seem to mind or they do not notice. Maybe the difference between the PC and the Mac is not really the difference between the PC and the MAC but the difference between the people that prefer one over the other.

So here is maybe the final straw:  I use an exchange server for my email account.  I thought that I would use mobile me since it is positioned as the “exchange server for the rest of us”.  But of course, I want to keep using my email address which many people know and has “brand equity”.  Every email program and server I have ever used controlled the reply to address to be different than the  receiving email  address.  So I assume would do the same.  I got the address (please do not use it).  I forwarded my email from to  But then discovered that there was no way  to use an reply to address that was not either or  Steve Jobs strikes again!

Oh,  with the Mac you have to choose between being comfortable inside jail or less comfortable outside jail.


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