About life in the last third

Supper Senior

My dad turned 85 in April.  We were having lunch before he was going out on a date with a woman 14 years younger than him.  My dad works out about three hours a day and can bench press abut 160 pounds.  I was  was telling him that I am planing t have a major medicare party in 2010 when I become 65 (just before I take a boat trip up the amazon).  And realized that there is nothing you get or become after 65.  I mean I already get senior discounts (l love getting carded again).  So if I become a senior citizen than what is my dad.  Hense the idea of supper senior.  It is either that or I can be sub senior.  My eldest son will be forty when I turn 65.  Wonder if we can have three generations of old dudes at the same time?

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