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Not about politics but about good versus evil

Chris Nolan who is the editor and founder of Spot On (  Interviewed me the recent presidential election and why I was such a strong supporter of Obama when I had been suggesting ten years earlier that the Internet was going to make Goverment and Politics less relivant.  You can read her post here.  But I thought I list some of the main points I think I made during a 30 minute conversation with Chris.

The internet and technology will reduce the importance and power of governments.
The structure we now have is a hold over from the beginnings of the industrial age and even before
One example of loss of control is the regulation of information.  Even China is having difficulty controlling what their Citizens learn
We now have major corperations that are truely global and can move money and people etc around the world with limited interferance by any goverment
Good versus Evil
I believe that the Bush  administration is evil.  I don’t know if Bush is evil or easily manipulated but look at the actions of his admistrations.
Obama is a good.  He cares about people and has demostrated that through his life choices
McCain and Palin seemed to be more of the same but maybe even worse.  I am sure that McCain knew what he was doing and was willing to give up his principles for a win.
For me this is not about politics
I have no issue with having two parties that have different points of view and policies.   But politicians have turned social issues into ways to win by taking away the rights of others.
Politicians seem to have one job these days and that is getting reelected.
Leaders need the right circumstances but the right circumstances do not create leaders
We have not had inspiring leadership in the USA since JFK, RFK and King.
The world needs leadership but they do not have to be politicians

Finally, I should say that this election was very meaningful to me like it was to so many.  In the 60s I was arrested for cilvil rights demonstrations.  I did voter  registration for Willie Brown’s for election.  Frankly, I never thought I would see an african american president.

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