I can’t figure out how the Obama Health Plan will really fix our medical system.

I can’t figure out how the Obama Health Plan will really fix our medical system. It just deals with a sub set. It is hard to see how private insurance companies can do much to fix the bulk of these problems. While I hate to think of the govermen taking over health care, I think it may be the only way to deal with all these issues.

Here are the problems I see:

American’s live unhealth life styles (bad diet, lack of exercise, not enough sleep)
Preventative health is not promoted or paid for by insurance companies
The health system is almost medival when it comes to IT
Litigation makes doctors order too many tests
Way to much money is spent in the last year of life
Insurance companies are inefficient and treat customers badly
Way to many people have no insurance
Business pay for most insurance which makes them less competitive

One thought on “I can’t figure out how the Obama Health Plan will really fix our medical system.

  1. Atul Gawande in his June 1, 2009 article in the New Yorker makes a good a case for the insanity of today’s “system”. I am covered by Medicare, the VA, a private company based supplement and subsidized insurance in another country where I own an apartment. The best care I have gotten (including major surgery) is in the VA and in the other (socialist) country.

    We pay twice per ca pita for health care with a lesser outcome than France, Canada or Germany. The supporters of the status qua justify their views by parroting Obama’s opponents. I find it amazing that folks who wanted Terri Schivo to live as a vegetable forever against her husbands wishes are content to allow 47 million to go without health coverage.

    While all of Avram’s suggestions are good, the real issue is “does the party that won the last election have what it takes brake the paralysis of the current health care dilemma?”


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