Here is my solution for the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

I am so tried of the same circle.  Below you will find my views on how to get out to this mess.  The bottom line is Palestine should focus on its future especially it’s economic future.  Israel is in the best position to help Palestine.  Israel want peace but it wants security even more.  So there will never be an agreement unless Israel feels secure.  But I think Israel would be willing to pay a big price for this and it has the ability to pay this price.

Let me know what you think?

Palestine must reconnize Israel as a Jewish State.

  • There are more than 50 Muslim States.  So what is the issue with having one tiny Jewish State
  • Palestine can not include Gaza until Gaza is integrated with the West Bank Palestine which be definition means that Israel is recognized by Gaza as well.

Palestine will except serious changes in the 1967 border that not only recognize facts on the ground but improve Israel”s security and improve commerece in Palestine

Palestine may bring back all Palestinian refugees (these are people of Palestinian decent but have never leaved in Israel or Palestine) to live in Palestine

  • This does not mean going back to Israel. After the 1948 war Israel absorbed most of the Jews that lived in Arab countries and were forced out.

Palestine will allow a limited Israeli military  precence on the Jordan river to assure Israel that weapons and terrists are not being brought into Palestine.

  • Jordan could be come part of this force or many other countries.
  • The precense will end in an agreed upon number of years (lets say 10 years

Israel will close many settlements.

  • Religious Jews that want to stay in certain parts of Palestine will be allowed to by the Palestinians and  will be given citizenship in Palestine just as Arabs in Israel have Citizenship

Israel will commit to a “Marshal Plan” to turn Palestine into an extremely successful country.

  • This will included building out infrastructure such as roads, utilities etc.
  • Founding a major education program for children and adults
  • Setting up  Israeli owned business in Palestine
  • Employ Palestinian workers in Israel

I don’t have a good solution for Jerusalem.  I think some great minds have to work on this.

One thought on “Here is my solution for the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

  1. Let me add a few more suggestions:
    First, “Jerusalem”. What modern day Israel calls Jerusalem is really (1) the ancient and holy city, (2) mostly new neighbourhoods that Israel built mostly to the west of this city and (3) an eclectic collection of mostly palestinian neighbourhoods and villages. I suggest (2) remain completely Israeli, (3) will be considered a part of the west bank like any other and (1) will be declared a world heritage site under joint control of Israel, Palestine and the UN (Is/Pa/UN).

    Second, I agree with all you said about the “marshall plan”, I just don’t like the attitude. This isn’t some uncle David helping poor ol’ Ahmed. This is compensation for over 40 years of illegal occupation, and should be explicitly labelled as such, with the implications insofar as national morlae/honor etc. I don’t know the sum Israel should pay, I don’t know how (with cash or with roads, etc) and I don’t know over what term it should be paid, but this is the way this should be framed. Palestine is not some Israeli sub-state. It should be a fully independent state.

    Three, there should be a limited amount of Palestinians allowed to return to Israel as citizens, and a limited amount of “Israeli Arabs” (the Arabs who remained in Israel in ’48) that will be allowed to return to Palestine. How exactly this should be done, I don’t know, I suggest a mutual Palestinian/Israeli/UN comittee.

    Four, a joint tribunal (a special Is/Pa/UN court) should be formed. This court should judge personal applications from people who have been personally hurt by the conflict, and judge compensations in money or other for those who were hurt (Israeli or Palestinian). See the Waitangi Tribunal in New-Zealand.

    Fifth, regardless of any of this, Israel should declare support for the establishment of a Palestinian state in the west bank in this summer. Israel should unilaterally declare that while it would like to see all the suggestions in your post and my comment rectified, it is willing to withdraw its armed forces from any Palestinian territory so long as the regime in that territory explicitly declares their willingness to resolve the conflict in a non-violent manner. This does /not/ mean Israel is recognized as a Jewish state yet – this simply implies the willingness to a non-violent resolution of any kind.

    Sixth, and probably most important, Israel and Palestine should do a bloody 180 degrees turn insofar as education for hatred is concerned. Hebrew should be a mandatory language in Palestinian schools, spoken Palestinian Arabic should be a mandatory language in Israeli schools. No agreement is required to provide huge grants for any kind of joint Israeli-Palestinian businesses, right now. No agreement is required to end the racism and discrimination against Israeli Arabs. No agreement is required to start making arranged visits of Palestinian high-school students in Israel and vice versa, and so on and so forth. And definitely no agreement is required for Abu-Mazen and Bibi to make a public statement saying we’re neighbours and brothers with a tragic history and a shiny bright future, so long as we never ever resort to violence again.

    There are quite a few things more that Israel must do with regard to the exact situation of non-Jews in Israel (especially Israeli Arabs – because truely equal citizens they are not, let me tell you that), but perhaps this can be resolved separately.

    It’s a mighty long list and God help us with all of this, though judging from His past negative influence in this conflict and others I suspect He will only interfere.


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