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Do I really need to travel with seven devices

This is nuts.  Look what I am traveling with:  1)Macbook Air, 2) iPad, 3) Kindle Fire,  4)Kindle,  5), iPhone ,  6) iPod Touch and 7) AppleTV.  In addition I carry various  thumb drives, a digital camera and wear a flitbit.    And guess what?  They all do different things well.

Macbook Air
Fantastic computer!  It is my main squeeze.  I connect it to a cinema display,  blue-tooth  keyboard, mouse and track-pad when I am home. It serves as my office computer.  Before the most recent model which uses SSD memory, I had a Macbook Pro for my desktop and a Macbook Air as my portable computer.  But the newest version of the Air has enough power and I eliminated my Macbook Pro. Actually it is part of my music studio.

I mostly use the iPad as a media device.  I watch TV remotely via the sling player, use HBOGO, the DirecTV app etc.  I do read books on it when I need back lighting and will watch TV programs, podcasts and iTunes University while flying on a plan.  I also use it to look at twitter when I am having breakfast, or read the New York times.  I rarely read my email on it and I almost never create anything on it.

Kindle Fire
Just go this.  Frankly, it is the only one on the list I do not really need.  I got it, to understand it’s role better.  I think the the combination of its $200 price point and the Amazon Eco System will make it a winner. I am not sure I will keep using it but we will see.

Kindle Classic
I love my Kindle.  I have had every model.  I read mostly on the kindle.  I love its light weight and its non reflective screen.  It is the only device I can read with while in bright sun light.  I don’t do anything more than read on it. But I am glad that Amazon makes it possible for me to move between the Kindle, iPad with the Kindle App and the Kindle Fire and even keeps track of what page I am on.

Love my iPhone.  It is always with me.  I use it to check email when I am out and about.  I use finding all kind of info (maps, google, yelp etc).  It is of course my phone (voice and text).  But I also skype and Facetime on it.

iPod Touch
I really don’t need this one but I have had it for a long time.  I use it when I want to listen to podcasts or music and don’t want to take my phone (mostly when I am abroad).  I like it size.  I also like that I would not be very upset if I lost it since I have had it for years.

I bring an AppleTV with me when I travel so I can connect to hotel Flat Panel Displays (if they have HDMI) and watch movies that are either stored on my Macbook Air or streaming over the net. I can also watch podcasts and share video and play my music through the sound system of the hotel room.

5 thoughts on “Do I really need to travel with seven devices

  1. keep iphone(the new one takes great photos and you can attach lenses so lose the digi camera), ipad, macbook air, fit bit, flash drives.
    since you like to control everything and have lots of options in your environment, you might like to keep them all except the kindle fire.


  2. Avram, why do you need the Apple TV for the application you describe, when you can just connect your Mac directly to an HDMI port? There is a mini display port to HDMI adapter you can buy.

    Also, I too just bought the Kindle fire to try it out, and it does not suck at all.


  3. Bart, I use to connect my mac directly and even have the cable. But with the Apple TV and air play I can use my iPhone, iPad or MAC to provide media. I can also use the clone function.

    The Kindle Fire does not suck but there are several issue. It is too heavy for its size (hard to old in one hand while reading). The video quality is not great. The fonts are too small for mags. Still, I think it will be a winner. And over time it will of course get better.

    I recently tried a Chrome Book. Now that is something that sucks big time.


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