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Syria, one person got it right

Last thursday, I wrote on my facebook wall, the real reason Obama had asked congress to vote on the attack in Syria was to get a reason to delay so he could meet with Putin and Putin could talk with Assad but giving up his chemical weapons.

Well it is happening.  But the press has it all wrong.  Putin proposed this to Obama last week.  It is a big win for both Putin and Obama not to speak of Assad who gets to stay in power.  Even Israel is a winner.

So, how did I get it right.  Only Snowden knows.


4 thoughts on “Syria, one person got it right

  1. Maybe yes, Maybe no. The real objective for all conceded is delay. If you keep this dragging on, the public will loose interest and eventually they will only interested in the next crisis.


  2. Calling the Obama/Putin/Assad deal is one thing . . . but, who is going to win the AL West, the American League pennant and ultimately the World Series.


  3. I cannot see this a win for the US. Its is a win for Obama because he got out of a terrible place he put himself 9and the US). Putin and Assad are the big winners. It legitimatizes put in’s and Assad. Israel is a big looser because it just shows to Iran that the US speaks loudly and does not carry any stick at all. And watch the Russians drag their feet and humiliate the US. Anyway anything is better than the US getting into a war that it will not win just because an incompetent President when off his teleprompter.


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