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What to iWatch

iWatchThere is a small chance that Apple will announce it’s iWatch tomorrow at it’s iPhone centric event.  I am not even sure that Apple is developing a watch but it is likely.  Either that or iWatch is something that Jobs does from beyond.

I think the iWatch will be a totally closed system like the AppleTV with just a few outside apps that Apple brings in.  That way they can use the best ideas from companies like Twitter, 4Square, etc. and keep all the money.

So I thought I would get out in front of the possible announcement and tell you what I think such a watch might do:


  • Current time which will auto adjust to local time.
  • Via Siri you can ask the time any place in the world (by the way you say “Watch, what time is it in Paris?”for instance.
  • Stopwatch and alarm all set via Siri


  • Full calendar functionality again using Siri
  • Integrated with iCloud


  • Full contact functionality using Siri
  • Integrated with iCloud


  • Full messaging functionality using Siri
  • Integrated with iCloud


  • Full map functionality using Siri


  • Heart rate
  • Steps/miles
  • Calories


  • Time sleeping
  • Snoring
  • Movement


  • Payments system using iWatch
  • Check your account balances


  • Will let you know when friends are close by
  • Let you meet people that meet certain criteria


  • Full weather functionality


  • Apple Radio
  • iTunes in the Cloud

911 Various emergency functionality


  • Can be used in two step verification processes
  • Maybe there will be some really clever biometric way of identifying the person wearing the watch and in this case, the watch will be all you need

Find my Watch

  • Or in some countries, it might be “Find my Arm”

5 thoughts on “What to iWatch

  1. Your list of functionality is right on. However, there is one other thing: Appearance. I don’t want a geeky screen strapped to my wrist. I want it to be watch-like, attractive, tasteful. Otherwise, I will opt to have all the functionality, but simply put it in my pocket and not on my wrist.


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