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Google inside your Nest: They will know when you are naughty or nice.

I was just thinking about how Google could use Nest  which it just acquired to understand more about our living habits.  For instance, it would be pretty easy to figure out when we went to bed based on the way we set the thermostat in our bedroom.   They will know when we are home and when we are away.  Not sure how much the smoke detectors will tell them but that is just because I don’t know what else they may be capable of doing. Maybe they can tell if there are smokers in the house.  And then there are all the future products that Nest/Google will create.   I am sure we will see door locks, lighting control, audio/visual distribution systems and of course cameras.   I am looking foreword to the Toilet Cam.

And while I was thinking about this a song came to mind with a new set of lyrics.

GoogleNest is Coming to Town  

You better watch out 

You better not cry

You better not pout 

I’m telling you why 

GoogleNest is coming to town 

GoogleNest coming to town 

GoogleNest is coming to town 


Their making a list, 

Checking it twice; 

Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. 

GoogleNest  coming to town

GoogleNest is coming to town 

Googlenest is coming to town 


They see you when you’re sleeping 

They knows when you’re awake 

They knows if you’ve been bad or good 

So be good for goodness sake 


I think you got the idea.

2 thoughts on “Google inside your Nest: They will know when you are naughty or nice.

  1. Smoke detector capabilities: determining if you’re smoking something illegal and verifying the quality of your stash. Just thinking.


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