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The Apple Watch, the most anticipated ho-hum product ever launched

I promised a number of you that I would give my impressions of the Apple Watch. Frankly, I don’t have a lot to say, which in some strange way, is saying a lot. I have numbered the various capabilities on a scale from 1-10, but bottom line, unless you have an extra $500 or so that is burning a hole in you pocket, you could wait out the first generation of the Apple Watch. I am not negative about it, I’m glad I bought it, and I wear it every day, but frankly, my desk is full of wearable devices I no longer wear. I could easily have a garage sale, but I keep this kind of stuff, so it will eventually show up in an estate sale.

It is a great a watch (8)
This is the most important thing if you already wear a watch. It has to keep time and feel comfortable. It does that very well. I also love that it shows me my next appointment. The timer and alarm functions are easy to use, especially with Siri. If I want to take a nap, I can say “Hey Siri, wake me up in 15 minutes” and she will. I don’t wear a watch to bed, which some people do, although I have no idea why. So charging it at night is not an issue for me.

Battery Life (4)
I have had my Apple Watch for over six weeks. I wear it every day and only once did it run out of power before the end of the day. It seems that if you leave a power hungry application running (like an exercise app) it will suck out all the juice and your phone will die. This is what happened to me. I don’t know why the Apple Watch does not do a better job dealing with this, but there are other examples where I would have expected more intelligence on the part of the Apple Watch. I will give a few examples later.

Fitness Device (3)
I think the Apple Watch is a mediocre fitness device. I much prefer the Intel Basic Peak which is smart enough to figure out if I am exercising or not, and even what kind of exercise without having to start up an app. Sometimes I forget to run the fitness app when I exercise or figure out thirty minutes later that I have not loaded it. It does not do continuous heart rate, probably to save energy.

One of the really stupid things, is that it tells me to get up and move if I have been stationary too long, but it does that even when I am in in an airplane or a moving car. It could use its GPS and Accelerometer to understand that I must be in a vehicle. This could be more difficult in an airplane.

Glance and Notification (7)
I like getting short messages on my watch especially when I have my phone in my pocket. But at first I was getting way to many. It is important to decide on the apps that you want to have this capability. Less is more in this case because otherwise you will start ignoring the notifications.

Siri (6)
Siri works pretty well, although I feel stupid talking to my watch because it makes me think of Dick Tracey.

Maps and such (7)
I love using the native Apple Watch map application when I am walking because the Apple Watch taps me on my wrist to let me know the turns I have to take. I don’t look like an idiot staring at my iPhone while I walk which can also be pretty dangerous when you cross a street.

Some fun stuff (7)
I like to order Uber from my watch. I am looking forward to using it with Home Kit devices once they are out. I am still trying to figure out how to send my heart beat to someone else that has an Apple Watch.

I can use the Apple Watch as a remote for my Apple TV, but I still need to have my iPhone close by. This is something that I hope gets fixed soon. Since the Apple TV has Bluetooth it should either be able to communicate directly with the Apple Watch or act as a gateway to the phone over the Wifi network.

Passbook seems to work well and you can even check into a flight using the Apple Watch. I have yet to get Apple Pay to work via the Apple Watch, but I just need a bit more practice.

I will try Yelp, Find Near Me and Trip Advisor when I travel next.

Stuff I don’t really plan to do at least for now (4)
I don’t really see doing my email with the Apple Watch. It is hard enough with an iPhone. I am not sure about messaging. I don’t see using it as a phone when I need my phone with me to even use it.

I also do not plan to use it to control music, but that might make sense for others.

Relationship with the iPhone (2)
You have to be within bluetooth range of your iPhone. The Apple Watch is basically a peripheral to an iPhone. This is a major limitation, but it appears to be  necessary one. Too bad Apple does not offer a bluetooth range extender so you could leave your phone (charging) and wander around the house. It does not even send you a notice when you are out of range of your iPhone. In fact, letting you know that you left your phone on the table as you leave Starbucks would not be a bad feature.

Apple Watch now and then
We have to keep in mind this is a first-generation product. I think Apple made the right trade-offs. Because of battery limitations, the watch could not really support WiFi so it has to be tethered to an iPhone. I think we will see functionality move over to native apps on the Watch over time. Eventually, we can use the watch instead of a phone although we will need bluetooth headphones if we want to use it as a phone.

The Apple watch has a long way to go before it is in the “must have” category currently occupied by the iPhone. I think that will take about five years and then you will never be able to imagine how you could have lived without it. So like most of the people that have bought an Apple Watch, I am not recommending that my friends buy one yet.

If Steve Jobs is turning over in this grave, it probably is not to check the time.

7 thoughts on “The Apple Watch, the most anticipated ho-hum product ever launched

  1. I’ve had mine for about a month, and I’m still on the fence. It’s big and bulky for a woman to wear. One thing that irks me is when I get a notification, by the time I turn my wrist to see it? It disappears, with no way to retrieve that notification. I do like the Map option and how it taps my wrist when it’s time to take a turn while I’m driving. Another thing I really do like is being able to talk on the phone while I’m driving, without actually having to hold a phone. I wish the volume would be louder, though. I’ve gotten notifications that I need to stand because it’s been an hour – when I literally just sat down. I’d like to see more exercise options to add in – I do circuit training three times a week, but there’s no option to add that in as exercise. I’d also like to see more options for replying to a text instead of the canned responses. I agree with you that this is first generation, and I’m also looking forward to changes in future generations. Nice review, Avram.


    • How old is your car? Even my 9 model year old car has blue tooth capability and you can buy hands-free units that will connect to your car stereo for under $100.


  2. Diane, it is easy to retrieve notifications or messages that you missed, just swipe down and there they are, magic, OK sorry for the sarcasm. The is a red dot at the top of the dial that if it is one tells you that you have missed notifications or messages. Look I heard many concerns not all the same but some the same with the release of the iPhone 1.0. One friend of mine, a partner in a big name Tech VC firm couldn’t imagine what applications that could be built that he would ever use. I say buy it today and get used to using it and if you are in business position that uses IT you need to start reimagining your business with the watch in mind for it is a new computing form factor that will be major in the future.


  3. Not being a tech junkie, I can’t see the huge benefit of owning an Apple watch if you still have to be within bluetooth range of your phone……other than you wouldn’t have to carry your cellphone up and down the stairs with you all the time as I currently do if I am awaiting an important call. But other than that, it seems like just one more tether….


  4. I wonder how you feel about watch version 2?
    I have put away my Breitlings and Tags in their original packaging (yes I keep Apple boxes too.) because I like to answer the phone from wherever I am sitting and the watch keeps time just as well.


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