About life in the last third

My book is now available on Amazon, Apple and Barnes, and Noble.

My book is now available on all formats at Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes and Noble.  I have gotten great feedback from those that have read it.  If you are not one, please buy my book and even more importantly read it.  Thanks.



Barnes and Noble

It has been on Amazon for three months so there are many positive reviews there to read.

2 thoughts on “My book is now available on Amazon, Apple and Barnes, and Noble.

  1. Dear Avram,
    I am about half way through your book. What an amazing personal and professional journey! I worked at Intel for 15 years until 2004 and been in Qualcomm for the last 15 years. On page 160 you wrote that Intel should have acquired Qualcomm. I am not sure Qualcomm would have as successful as part of Intel. Very different culture of innovation and more bottom up. Also, ARM CPU is a core technology – Intel sold XScale because it was not good for IA🙂
    Some companies better left alone. Just my thoughts.


  2. Thanks for your comments. And thanks for reading my book. When you finish, please post a review and promote it to your social network.

    I understand your point but I was referring to a period six years before you went to Qualcomm. While the cultural issues were real, Intel had a lot to offer with respect to manufacturing and distribution.


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