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The Announcement I wish Joe Biden Would Make

I wrote on Facebook a few days ago that I thought Joe Biden was failing at the tasks he faces. Lots of people defended Biden saying he is doing his best. That he was dealt a bad hand etc. I wrote back that none of that matters. That we had less than a year to save the American Democracy. And asked what do we need to do. One of my friends rightfully asked what I thought needed to be done. The result is an announcement I drafted for Biden. I did not fill in all the names as you will see. I would love suggestions from you.

An announcement by Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States of America

This decision is the most significant announcement of my entire career. The United States is one of the most perils points in its history. We are dealing with challenges that we have not seen since the civil war. We are faced with the combination of a deadly virus, international challenges in both economic and military, polarization between our citizens. In addition, climate change may deprive our children and their children of the future we wish for them. For these reasons, I have made the following decisions:

  1. I will not run for a second term. While I genuinely believe that I could lead our great nation once again, I know that I must use all my energy and efforts to solve the significant problems confronting our nation. By making this decision now, I can clear the way for others to present themselves as candidates for the presidency.  
  2. Anyone who holds a position in the executive branch I oversee must resign before running for office. We need everyone working in my administration to give their full attention to solving the critical problems confronting us. I also ask that anyone in Congress who wishes to declare themselves a candidate for president resign before running. The one exception would be except cases where that would result in the possibility that their seat would go to the other party and thereby change the balance of power in Congress. In that case, I ask that they do not run for office but instead put all their attention on passing the legislation required to solve the critical problems we now face. While I can not require that the vice president resign her office if she decides to run, I request that she follow the requirements I have made for all others in the executive branch.
  3. Fair elections are a cornerstone of our democracy and are now under significant threat. We must fight against those who no longer believe in free and fair elections at the federal, state, and even city levels. I appoint {to be added later} a respected member of the Democratic Party and { to be added later} a respected member of the Republican Party to oversee a nonprofit organization focused on voting rights. Private donations will fund this organization as I do not have a budget.  
  4. There are less than eleven months before the next election. The Democratic Party must hold Congress if we continue to make progress for the American People. Barak Obama has agreed to lead our effort to hold on to Congress in 2022.   
  5. Climate Change must be dealt with now if there will be a future. I have assembled a small group of some of the most outstanding business leaders in the USA to drive our efforts. This group will be led by { to be named later }.
  6. The Covid virus represents an enormous challenge. We already have a strong team of scientists. But we need increased leadership. {to be named} one of the most successful business people has agreed to join my team as Covid Czar and will report directly to me.
  7. The Tax system in our country needs a dramatic overhaul. Much of this requires congressional action, which I do not expect will be forthcoming. However, the executive branch is responsible for implementing the tax code. In addition to advocating changes in our tax code to make the system more equitable and simpler, we will have the initiative to increase enforcement of the current regulations. {to be announced} will take over has the head of the IRS to this end.
  8. America was built on the rule of law. But the rule of law has to be enforced. To this end, I am announcing Preet Bharara, the former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York will be replacing Merit Garland as Attorney General of the United States.  
  9. Health Care is a right for all citizens, but not all citizens can afford adequate care. I will be establishing a committee of leaders from both the private and public sectors to look at actions that the executive branch can take. In addition, they will put together a blueprint for congressional efforts in the future. They will work to get support for this proposal from the American People.
  10. International economic and military challenges will both be a critical focus for me. I will not delegate this work.

Thank you for your understanding and support. May God Bless America and the American People.

9 thoughts on “The Announcement I wish Joe Biden Would Make

  1. Dear Avram, how many presidential cycles are needed to solve the issues you mention? One? Biden didn’t do it during his first year in office. Two? Obama couldn’t, even when he had a Democratic congress for the first year and a half of his presidency. Then people were dissatisfied, and they gave the House to the Republicans. For the changes to be feasible, you need a president willing and able to implement them, and a “We the People” happy enough with his first two years in office to give him a majority in the midterms.

    Now in the context of an extremely divisive country – and I don’t see how it could improve soon – what the left sees at the main issues, the right sees them as a threat to their way of life, and what the right sees at the main problems, the left see them as a threat to the democracy.

    Hatred, from both side, is running high. People have lost their ability to listen to the others, they ran out of patience. Friends and family fight over subjects that don’t even implicate them directly.

    72% of the population don’t trust the media any more, and 99% of the people will only listen what they want to believe.

    In my opinion, democracy is a developing concept that needs a few hundred years of practice before it is perfected. We are living in the first phase of democracy, the phase where we wipe the slate clean and correct the mistakes. Unfortunately, I find that everyone wrongly imagines that democracy is an established and definitive system, because they do not look at democracy in the broader context of man’s existence in an organized society.


  2. Jean Patrick, we can no longer afford business as usual which is why I think that more people need to be involved in solving the very serious issues we now face. I agree with how you see the current situation. But it can easily devolve into Germany in 1933.


  3. This is awesome, I would like Biden to also offer FULL disclosure related to PAC money, lobbyist and corporate financing that our elected officials are gaining and have gained over their tenure by being in office. Our “elected” officials have the BEST healthcare for themselves and their families at relatively NO cost to them, high pensions and most have a net worth over 3 million. Even Bernie has several homes and a huge net worth with none of the same overhead costs the average American has to deal with (healthcare and retirement income to name two). Could our president also please stop the plowing under of crops of healthy vegetables keeping our produce products astronomically high in cost, unaffordable for the poor and aging? How about STOPPING meat production the number one killer of the climate. We will all live without meat. Oh one more thing, lets STOP subsidizing high fructose corn syrup. There is of course more but jeez these ineffectual guys and gals have about 6 months before the campaigning starts to feed their overblown egos. 🙂


  4. I suspect we need to start with the Supreme Court. They have ruled that corporations are people and can spend all the money they want to influence elections. They have ruled that the pre-clearence provisions of the redistricting laws are null and void. In Texas, the population increased by ~10 million people from 2010 to 2020. This has resulted in Texas gaining 2 new Congressional seats. 95% of the population growth was minorities according to the census. This should mean that a least 1 of those Congressional seats should be formed as a minority majority district. The white Republican politicians in Texas have redrawn the maps to cause a decrease in minority majority districts. Prior to the Supreme Court ruling, Texas was forced to change it’s illegally drawn districts every time redistricting was done. Now, with the Supreme Court decision, the Republicans have drawn new districts to further diminish the voting power of minorities. As long as we have a Republican majority Supreme Court, it won’t matter who controls Congress and the White House as the Supreme Court will simply nullify any law it doesn’t like.


  5. I’m not sure the focus needs necessarily needs to be on voting rights, rather the US needs a voting system across the states that are easily & inexpensively auditable.


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