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Why I might end up loving Omicron

It seems my recent post on the Omicron in Israel was overly pessimistic. It now appears that it is indeed much less severe than the Delta, although very infectious. Maybe this is what we have been waiting for. Everyone will get infected, although most may not even know it. Omicron may be the read to herd immunity.

We have delayed the fourth dose, but I think it will soon come. One of the factors is that we have a lot of supply which will expire. For reasons I do not understand, many have been reluctant to get the booster, so rather than waste it, it will be better to use it in those willing to get a fourth shot, like me. Of course, it would be great to provide it to the Palestinians, but politics (not just Israeli) makes that challenging. There is no trust on the Palestinian side. If Israeli’s will not use the shots, there must be something wrong with them, many would think.

I just learned that those infected in the past but no longer have any antibodies still have some significant protection against infection. So there must be something at work that we do not understand, but this is also good news.

Israeli’s are reluctant to vaccinate their children, again for reasons I do not fully understand. Instead, they happily vaccinate their children for much less prevalent diseases.

Israel will probably open up for travel soon and certainly by the end of January. That is important not for tourism but for allowing for family visits. There are many in Israel with close relatives living abroad. It has been harrowing for them.

I am thinking that the virus will burn itself out here in April.

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