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I have not given this blog much attention since I started writing my book, The Flight of a Wild Duck, four years ago. It was published in September of 2021. I have a lot more that I want to write, but frankly, the effort of writing a 340-page book dampened my enthusiasm for writing. Now I compose posts in my head, but they seldom make it to the screen (I can’t say paper anymore). On the other hand, the response from the few that read my book has been overwhelmingly good. I wish more people would read it (including you if you have not already read it). You can order it here.

Many of you will know (especially those that read the book) that I started my professional career doing medical science. 

First, I was at Langley Porter-UCSF Medical School, where I developed the first EEG Biofeedback technology. Then I was one of the founders of the Thoraxcenter, Erasmus University, where I led the computer department, which created the first Catheterization Labs Computer Systems, as well as one of the first ICU monitoring systems. Later, I was an associate professor at Tel Aviv University in the Department of Cardiology, the first time I lived in Israel.  

For the last ten years, I have slowly found myself back in medical technology as an advisor and investor. Here are the companies I worked/work with. sleep apnea  sleep wearable sold my position major gain sleep test AI  nutrition sold to Medtronic major gain loneliness sight food allergies

Now that I am really looking into this, I am pretty sure I will find some great investment opportunities. But more importantly, I might be able to do something that matters, once again.

Also about five years ago, I became an advisor to the Executive Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Research Institute.

But frankly, other than Sommetrics, I was not that involved.  

Lately, maybe because I am now 77 years old, I became interested in longevity or better said, increase health span. I became an advisor to Sheba Hospital, Israel’s largest and one of the top ten hospitals in the world. I am helping them set up a center for longevity. One of my roles is looking at early stage companies. I am learning a lot about what is called precision medicine. I am also learning about how screwed up a current way of treating people is.  

So you might expect to have some blog posts on what I am learning and what I am thinking in the topic of increasing health span.

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