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Adobe deserves to die

My wife, is an amazing graphic designer who was prematurely forced into early retirement by me.   But she is still designing stuff (she has her own project which is not the subject of this blog).  She has been using CS3 for the last few years.  It cost her $1,600.  When the latest version of the Mac O/S came out, Snow Leopard, Adobe said that CS3 would not run under it.  But then a number of people tested and said that it did run.  Deborah upgraded to Snow Leopard and everything worked.  Today, Adobe sent out a software upgrade to make sure that CS3 would not longer work under Snow Leopard.  Of course, she did not know that is what the automatic upgrade was designed to do.  So then when she started up CS3 she got a message that there was a problem with her license for CS3 and she should  call support or uninstall and reinstall  her CS3 package.  She called support and was on the phone with someone for an hour who could not help her.  She then uninstalled and reinstalled her software from Adobe.  Still did not work.  She then talked (and I talked) with a very arrogant person in their sales dept.  He said CS3 would not work with Snow Leopard.  That she would have to upgrade to CS4 or CS5.  CS5 is not available until Friday and they took down the trial copy that you could download from their site.  The sales person from Adobe said that if she bought CS4 now she could update for free to CS5 when it is release after this Friday.  It then took an other hour and a walk through with a sales rep to find the way to buy CS4 and download it (all the other ways would involve shipping and additional days of work lost).  My wife has a friend who is also a designer who was put out of work today by Adobe as well.  Any company that treats their customers so badly deserves to die and die a painful death.  They could have easily sent all their CS3 customers an email weeks ago telling them what was going to happen and what their options were instead of wasting their time in this way.

She is now trying to download 5 gigs of software from Adobe.  Had she known all this in advance she could have order the product.

PS I also think Flash sucks!

2 thoughts on “Adobe deserves to die

  1. There’s always SOME CLEVER BASTARD in corporate who dreams this shit up. See Mauceri’s “All Suck” theory:

    All Banks Suck – Some suck less
    All Airlines Suck – Some suck less
    All Insurance Companies suck – Some suck less
    All Car Dealers
    All Software Manufacturers


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